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Choosing the right Extended Vehicle Protection Plan

Choosing the right Extended Vehicle Protection Plan for your vehicle is the most important step in purchasing a new or used car.  Being a Warranty Salesman is even better until to meet up with the IRS at tax season.  Wondering why you owe at the end of the year?  It’s because you’re getting a1099-MISC and it’s taxed at a higher rate than a W2 form where taxes are paid.

Now it’s time to treat yourself like a business to get the business write-offs the companies get.  We set you up as a business where your 1099-MISC will now go, saving you 10% – 15% in taxes owed to the IRS.  Think about all the things you can do with more money in your pockets.

Flexible Payroll

  • Perfect payroll for small businesses, startups, and sole proprietors.
  • Easy product navigation and intuitive design.
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Payroll Tax Services

  • Federal, state and local taxes automatically paid, filed and 100% guaranteed*.
  • Stay up-to-date on all tax changes – easily and effortlessly.
  • Process payroll online – no software downloads or installs.
  • All wages, deductions and withholdings automatically calculated.
  • Top notch security – peace of mind your data is secure and well-protected.

Employee & Contractor Payroll

  • Pay yourself and workers either weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly.
  • Run payroll anytime and as often as you need including bonuses, corrections and off cycle.
  • Pay workers via direct deposit or print checks.
  • Viewable pay history always available

Professional Customer Service

  • Pay yourself and workers either weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or
  • Get answers by phone, chat or directly through in-product info.
  • Friendly award-winning US-based customer service team.
  • Free account set-up and expert help running first payroll.