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Pay Your Household Employees the Easy and Affordable Way

Whether you pay someone to care for an aging parent, watch your children or handle the yardwork, you may need to pay the household employment tax, sometimes referred to as the “nanny tax”. Unfortunately, keeping up with the tax work, filings and calculations takes time and missed IRS filings could result in penalties. DISCOVERY PAYROLL makes your household payroll easy and handles all the payroll tax work with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

Paying Your Household Employee Alone

  • Find time to calculate wages, account for Social Security and Medicare taxes, federal unemployment taxes (FUTA) and state taxes.
  • Complete and file multiple tax forms with the IRS and your state every year—potentially every quarter.
  • Keep up with tax deposits with the appropriate government tax agencies.
  • Keep up with changing tax regulations.


  • Enter hours and pay rate from anywhere, anytime online—even your mobile device.
  • Preview how much will be debited from your account on payday.
  • Approve payment. That’s it! We’ll take care of the rest. Use direct deposit or print checks yourself—easy!

Sign Up for Household Payroll Services to Save Time & Money

Paying your household employee has unique requirements. If you pay $2,000 or more a year or $1,000 or more per calendar quarter, you may need to pay the household employment tax. As the online payroll leader backed by our parent company, Paychex, you can count on DISCOVERY PAYROLL to securely and accurately handle your household payroll whether that’s for:

  • Babysitters or Nannies
  • Elder Care
  • Home Care, Health Aides or Private Nurses
  • House Cleaning Workers, Housekeepers or Maids
  • Drivers
  • Yard Workers
  • Cooks and more

DISCOERY PAYROLL Takes Care of the Household Payroll Tax Work on Your Behalf

Pay your household employees in just minutes, wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you. Sign up with DISCOERY PAYROLL to:

  • Save time:Leave the calculations and tax work behind – we automatically calculate wages and deduct the correct taxes.
  • Eliminate the paperwork and deposits: DISCOVERY PAYROLL files all the payroll paperwork and makes deposits on your behalf with satisfaction guaranteed.*
  • Keep up-to-date with IRS and state rules: We stay current on all household employee payroll laws.
  • Pay your household employee with direct deposit or print checks yourself:There’s no additional charge for either.

*If you employ a nanny or household employee in the state of California, Discovery Payroll only supports employers who are designated as quarterly filers with the state. Annual filers would need to change their filing status to quarterly.