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Attend to your congregation, not payroll

Church payroll is unlike regular business payroll. As the online payroll leader, backed by our partner company, ADP, you have the most experienced church payroll team working for you. Focus on your congregation while we take care of your payroll.

Doing it Yourself

  • Time-consuming, accessing multiple individual accounts.
  • Manage confusion of multiple payroll bills.
  • Make deposits to multiple agencies, fill out scores of IRS forms and keep up with filing requirements for all your locations.


  • Easily Manage all payroll from one secure portal with instant online access to all your franchises.
  • Enjoy affordable and flexible subscriptions billing options.
  • Easy transition — nothing to install and no major implementation.

You’ll have payroll done in minutes. Just enter your payroll information we take care of the rest, helping to make sure your ministry is current with its payroll taxes.

Church Payroll Services
Your ministry’s payroll has special tax requirements that must be handled properly. Here are a few common questions about church payroll services:

What is parsonage?

  • Parsonage refers to clergy housing. It can either be owned by the clergy person (or held in his or her name) or is owned by the religious organization.

What is a housing allowance?

  • Housing allowance applies when the clergy person owns the residence (or it’s in his or her name) and the religious organization pays the clergy person a monetary amount to retain and maintain the residence. This amount is in addition to the salary, and it must not exceed the fair rental value of the residence, including furnishings, garage, and utilities.

What is housing parsonage allowance?

  • A housing parsonage allowance applies when the clergy person lives in a residence owned by the religious organization. The value of the residence needs to be reported, as explained in the Clergy Housing Allowance Clarification Act of 2002, Section 107 of the Internal Revenue Code or IRS Publication 517.