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Build Your Retirement Savings

Give yourself a retirement savings plan that lets you build for the future while helping your employees take the right financial steps. Discovery Payroll is here to help with 401(k) solutions built for you. A competitively priced, quality 401(k) plan can also help you retain employees and improve satisfaction. Set up a 401(k) with Discovery Payroll today.

Discovery Payroll’s 401(k) options offer:

  • Competitive and transparent fees – prices built for a small business budget
  • Abundant selection – 1,300 investment options at your fingertips
  • Ease of use – one trusted source for retirement and payroll


Why should I consider a 401(k) plan?

A 401(k) plan is a simple, affordable way to build a retirement nest egg by making periodic contributions to (a) retirement savings account with each paycheck. After setting up your 401(k), you can:

  • Plan for your retirement with contributions you can afford.
  • Provide your employees a retirement savings plan where they specify the amount to be deducted from their paychecks and the contributions are automatically invested in their 401(k) accounts.
  • Avoid the high costs of retirement plans while still providing your employees the retirement savings options they deserve.

Offering a 401(k) plan ensures your employees have the ability to save for the future.

Plan Types 

401(k) offers popular 401(k) options at affordable prices to help you and your employees save as much as possible:

Traditional 401(k) allows employees to save for their retirement through payroll-deducted contributions while providing employers the option to make additional contributions to their employees’ 401(k) accounts. However, due to required annual nondiscrimination—developed to ensure 401(k) plans do not favor owners or highly compensated employees (HCE) more than other employees—HCEs and business owners may have limits imposed on their annual contribution amounts.

Safe Harbor 401(k) provides the same features as a Traditional 401(k) plan and bypasses annual nondiscrimination testing. A Safe Harbor plan requires minimum annual employer contributions using either a matching formula or a fixed 3% annual contribution, similar to a SIMPLE plan.

Explore your 401(k) options and contact a 401(k) specialist today.

Employee Contributions

All employees, including owners, may defer up to $18,000 per year (or $24,000 per year if age 50 or older). You’ll find that we offer the most popular deferral options so your employees can build their retirement savings:

Regular Deferral is a pre-tax employee contribution that is deductible in the year it is made so the contribution grows tax-free. The accumulated balance will be taxed upon distribution at the individual’s then-current income tax rate.

Roth Deferral is an after-tax employee contribution that is not deductible in the year it is made. Contributions grow tax-free and the accumulated balance will not be taxed upon distribution unless the Roth contributions have not been in the plan for at least the past five plan years. If that’s the case, the earnings on the Roth contribution will be taxable when withdrawn.

Catch-Up Contributions are optional for individuals age 50 or older so they may defer up to an additional $6,000 to their 401(k) accounts, up to $24,000 annually including either Regular or Roth Deferrals.

Explore your 401(k) options and contact a 401(k) specialist today.

Employer Contributions

You can easily make contributions to your employees’ 401(k) plans with a variety of simple options:

Fixed Company Match enables you to match employees’ contributions at a fixed rate for a simple, predictable way to help them grow their retirement funds. This option is the most popular matching method for small businesses.

Discretionary Company Match allows you to match a percentage of each employee’s deferral, giving the freedom to offer, raise or lower the match percentage annually.

Discretionary Profit Sharing lets you make one-time or periodic contributions to employees’ 401(k) plans, even if they’re not actively contributing to their own accounts. We’ll prepare estimated profit sharing calculations upon your request.

For all 401(k) plans, the maximum contribution for any one person is limited by law to the lesser of $53,000 or 100% of compensation.

Explore your 401(k) options and contact a 401(k) specialist today.